Master Cleanse

For over 50 years the Master Cleanse has been used as a way to rejuvenate the body, lose weight and help certain health problems too. Since it has so many benefits you may be wondering why everyone isn’t doing it so they can look and feel fabulous. The truth is that while the cleansing is effective, it is also hard and most people won’t even last a day on it. The plan is that for 10 days you make and drink this Master Cleanse lemonade that substitutes all other meals for the day.

Can you handle The Master Cleanse?

The lemonade itself has quite a kick with lemon juice, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper all mixed into one serving. On the cleansing diet you have to drink 6 to 12 servings a day of the lemonade so if you do not like spicy drinks or spicy things in general than you may want to buy the cayenne pepper capsules instead of mixing in the pepper itself. The lemonade will of course taste foreign at first, but once you have drunk a couple of servings you quickly get used to it. The side effects that you are going to feel a day or two into the detox cleansing will be the ultimate test of your patience.

However, once you get past that initial shock of change the cleanse can do quite a bit for you. Your metabolism and appetite will be stabilized, you will have much more energy, and the best thing is that you hopefully shift all of those nasty habits out the window. One of the biggest health benefits that doing a cleanse detox like this one is that it can actually decrease the inflammation in joints. For people suffering with arthritis that is a great perk. In literally just 10 days the master cleanse detox will work its magic and you can start to experience all of those things.

Master Cleanse in 10 Days?

Just like any machine, our body does need a tune up and cleaning every now and then. Plus, with the poor “Western diets” that most of us indulge is doesn’t help the bad toxin build up either. No matter how long you have been choosing poor living and eating habits, the Cleanse can change that in just 10 days. To most of us out there this sounds crazy and way too good to be true, but when we allow ourselves to try new things we may become surprised. You will not only feel better but you will start to look better too.

You want to be aware of everything you will go through on a cleanse like this. For 10 days you will not be able to eat the fast food or take out that you are used to. Instead you get to drink a spicy lemonade drink that is proven to be worth so much more than its initial taste. If you want to change and rejuvenate yourself then try out the Master Cleanse by following the correct step by step procedures.

Beyonce’s Cayenne Pepper Diet

Weight loss is a hot topic in offices, homes, gyms and in the news-especially the entertainment news, where many celebrities have developed their own weight loss plans by accident and by design. These weight loss systems, plans and products can have varying results because many of the celebrities who develop them are not experts in the field of sports or nutrition. It is for this reason that we believe consumers need to educate themselves regarding these products before starting them to see if they are viable and safe.

Who among us has not seen Beyonce sing or act in some venue or seen her in the news? Her recent weight loss has generated a frenzy among fans, reporters and the average dieter because she reportedly lost 10 pounds in a week or 10 days to fulfill the criteria for role she was playing. We will thoroughly review the system she used to see if it is feasible and safe for the average dieter.


The concept Beyonce cayenne pepper diet plan used was very simple and was apply called the “maple syrup diet” because she mixed this tasty syrup with water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper; and drank it as a meal for a period that many lasted days-and it was her only sustenance.


This diet was not designed by Beyonce, but merely used by her. Prior to her involvement this system was not a “diet” as we know them, but it was designed to be a cleansing fast. It is commonly known as the Master cleanse, which was developed by Stanley Burroughs, an alternative medical practitioner, who originally developed this diet to treat ulcers. It was not originally intended to be a diet system, but a method to “heal the body”.

Cleansing fasts have been traditionally used by many practitioners to help alleviate the symptoms of many other ailments. It is believed in some systems of alternative and folk medicine that many ailments and diseases begin in the intestines and it is only through purging this system that disease can be reversed and or prevented.

This is where the ingredients some into play. Lemon is used to break up mucus, because it is believed to cause disease; Cayenne pepper is also used to break up additional mucus and to scrub clean the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems; and maple syrup supplies the body with both energy and nutrients.


This “diet” was clearly not designed or intended to be a traditional diet, but in our diet-obsessed society it has become a tool for this result. However, this cayenne pepper diet relies very heavily on ketosis, which is another name for starvation. This type of weight loss is not sustainable and is incredibly short lived. It usually returns when dieters start eating again. There are also side effects associated with this process which includes: renal problems, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, elevated blood lipid levels, hypertension, cardiac problems, constipation, fatigue, weakness and bad breath for some.

• None

• Uses Ketosis to create weight loss
• Not intended to be a true “diet”
• Potentially dangerous side effects

Final Thoughts

Clearly this is not a diet system, but a cleanse used by practitioners of alternative medicine to help users relive ailments by cleaning out their digestive system. We can in no way recommend this as a diet, because of the side effects associated with it, as well as its inability to generate sustainable weight loss. Any weight loss achieved on this diet will quickly be gained back as soon as the fasting ends.

Dieters who are interested in addressing weight loss through holistic methods may want to seek out holistically based supplements which use a good appetite suppressant, such as Hoodia; which has been shown to effectively and safely be able to help dieters manage their hunger. It can do this because of a molecule known as “p57” which has been shown to be able to convince the brain that the stomach is full. Also, many consumers have achieved good results while using Advantra-Z a thermogenic agent which can boost metabolism and fat burning abilities in users-safely and effectively.

Royal Jelly Benefits

The honey bee viscous substance that is secreted by worker bees for creation of new queen bees and constitutes the essential food for queen’s and all larvae in the colony.

This substance may have some tremendous royal jelly benefits regarding humans as a dietary supplement and other health concerns as well.

Claiming various health benefits because of components such as B-complex vitamins such as pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine).

The complete composition consists of 67% water, 12.5% crude protein, including small amounts of different amino acids, trace amounts of vitamin C.

This natural compound also consists of  11% simple sugars (monosaccharides), 5% of fatty acids, antibacterial and antibiotic components, containing many trace minerals, and some enzymes.

Health Benefits of royal Jelly

Medical research have demonstrated that Royal Jelly reduced total serum lipid ranges and total serum cholesterol in individuals with moderately elevated cholesterol levels.

Royal jelly supplementation improves lipoprotein metabolism in humans

Possible Royal jelly benefits with Postmenopausal Women – traditionally thought to improve menopausal symptoms. An open study performed on postmenopausal women led to a statistically significant reduction in postmenopausal women however, the study was an open, multicenter, uncontrolled, prospective observation study, no cause-and-effect inferences can be drawn until a randomized clinical trial is performed.

Effects of an herbal medication containing bee products on menopausal symptoms and cardiovascular risk markers –

Possible Health benefits of Royal Jelly with Liver disorders – decreased serum and liver total lipids and cholesterol levels in rats and rabbits and also retarded the formation of atheromas in the aorta of rabbits, total serum cholesterol levels were decreased by about 14%, and total serum lipids by about 10% in the group of patients studied.

Effect of royal jelly on serum lipids in experimental animals and humans with atherosclerosis

Possible Benefits of Royal jelly with Colitis – treatment significantly decreased the number of mast cells and reduced the area of colonic erosion in the colon of RJ-treated rats, these results suggest that oral treatment with RJ could be used to treat colitis. Effect of royal jelly on experimental colitis.

Induced by acetic acid and alteration of mast cell distribution in the colon of rats

Royal jelly Skin Benefits is also widely used as a component in skin care and natural beauty products for it’s anti-aging reversal effects. Containing nutrients and vitamins that support skin renewal and acids, royal jelly benefits by contributing to collagen production and promotion.

Y.S. Organic Fresh Bee Pollen Whole Granules

Y.S. Organic Bee Pollen Granules nutritional elements are so complete it is the ONLY food that contains all known “essential elements” which humans nutritionally require.

What’s so amazing, by simply adding water and roughage, a human can survive and maintain optimum vitality on nothing but bee pollen – no other food even comes CLOSE to it’s nutritional value.

The nutritional elements of bee pollen are so perfectly complete it’s a safe, natural way of getting your vitamins – instead of  harmful stearates and fillers,  the multi-vitamin companies use.

Provide your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to enhance and assist the full spectrum of physiological functions.

Other bee pollen benefits are the rejuvenation of the body’s own healing  mechanisms to perform their normal functions of restoring, building, maintaining and protecting every cell in the body.

With four generations of hands-on beekeeping experience, Y.S. Organic Bee Farms is a pioneer in the honey bee products market.

Focusing on the supplement industry and natural foods market since their beginnings in 1985 with  intensive research and development in honey bee products.

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