Common Dry Cough Causes

Many people with no information on dry cough causes may take it as a small issue and end up ignoring about it, while some may think it is a very serious disease and fear they might lose their lives. There are various causes about coughs I am going to discuss, to help you in taking the right steps while experiencing this kind of problem. One of the major dry cough causes is viral infections. If your cough is accompanied by other diseases, for example headache, fever and body ache, it is likely that your dry cough is caused by viruses. This requires quick doctor consultation, in order for the problem to be solved.

Another major cause is medication. This includes those people who use drugs for example blood pressure drugs. Another major cause is weather. This is caused by too much humidity in the air, which blocks or closes the mucus membrane which causes throat irritation leading to dry coughs. Asthma is also another major dry cough cause, where many people suffering from it, experience this dry coughs. These and more others are the major dry cough causes, and if you are experiencing dry coughs, it is important you see a doctor.

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